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Buy-Side Advisory


LDV Capital Management helps small businesses and corporate entities achieve true growth objectives through buy - side advisory in the merger and acquisition process. Strategies are applied in a disciplined manner to achieve the best acquisition strategy as possible, including Consolidations and Roll-Up Strategies of fragmented industries

Acquisition strategies are implemented emphasizing the client's strengths, including industry experience and financial resources. LDV Capital Management then focuses the acquisition search by defining the attributes of the target company, including size, location, and industry. Thereafter, coordination and contact is set forward with target candidates who desire to exit their businesses. Once an indication of interest has been established, LDV Capital Management obtains and analyzes the relevant financial information of the acquisition company. Other measures of preparation and due diligence during the process include:

  •  Preparing the Competitive Analysis of the transaction.
  •  Preparing the Valuation of the transaction.
  •  Preparing Disclosure documents and Public Relations content.

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