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CFO Professionals

CFO Professionals was created realizing that every company requires the services of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), but many cannot afford to have a full time professional on staff.  CFO Professionals was created primarily to facilitate a need, particularly to the smaller public and private corporation.

CFO Professionals is an entity of accountants and corporate finance professionals with many years of hands-on experience.  Our top two executives alone have more than 50 years of combined experience in these areas to efficiently and effectively service your company's financial needs.

CFO Professionals provides the following services: 

Quarterly Financial Report and Annual Financial Report Monitoring - Small cap publicly traded companies are required to file quarterly and annual financial information with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).  As the CFO for your company, CFO Professionals works side by side and in synchronization with your company's auditing firm, to ensure that your audited financial information is prepared right the first time, so there are no delays or extra work for your auditing firm before they submit their audited financial information to the SEC. 

As you know, many schedules need to be prepared for your auditing firm so they can begin their work to audit your company.   CFO Professionals through their many years of experience, will develop a process that is both effective and efficient for your corporation, and in most cases, less costly than other methods of having these schedules prepared.

CFO Professionals - Services ALSO include the following:

Prepare Financial Statements:

It is critically important for smaller businesses to understand and use financial statements and other critical financial information. Accounting is the language of business.  While most businesses create financial statements in order to prepare tax returns or to file loan applications, the real benefit this type of information provides is that it can help you run your business more effectively and efficiently.  By providing useful internal reporting to your management team that is timely, greater profitability may be the end result if this information is used as intended.

Assist with Forecasting:

Also more important than understanding how your business has performed in the past is having a greater understanding on how your business is likely to perform in the future.  By analyzing what has happened in the past helps a company to gain insight as to what is likely to happen in the future. As your part-time CFO provider, CFO Professionals will assist you with forecasting both revenues and expenses. We could not be providing CFO services if we didn't.

Develop Financial Models:

As your part-time CFO, CFO Professionals can help you develop a comprehensive financial model that will help you evaluate different scenarios, present your business to others, and better manage your business. As every business operates in a different manner (even in the same industry) we custom build all financial models for our clients as they should be.

Prepare Management Reports such as:

Customer Analysis Reports -  Most companies know who their biggest customers are. What is more important, however, is to know who your most profitable customers are. Therefore, one of the CFO services CFO Professionals can provide is creating reports that make it easy for you to understand your customers. Of course, in order to create a report with useful information, it is necessary that processes are in place to make sure this useful information is available. To this end, much of the initial work we do with our customers is helping them to set up systems that make it easy to gather the relevant information required.

Analysis of Major Expenses - Just as important as knowing who is paying you (or not paying you for that matter) is to know where your cash is being spent. It is especially important to understand exactly how specific expenses are contributing to the overall profitability of the company. Another one of the CFO services CFO Professionals provides, is helping you understand your expenses.  We can help you understand which expenses should be most closely monitored.  But even more importantly, we can also help you to develop a process for you to determine which expenses provide value to your customer and which ones don't.

Budgeting Reports - The budgeting process may be one of the most difficult tasks your management team has to perform, however, it is one of the most important for any corporation. Budgeting blunders may lead to harmful decisions and maybe even the downfall of your company. It is impossible for us to provide services that do not include addressing the budgeting process.  CFO Professionals has many years of experience in preparing this required process.  CFO Professionals will work as the facilitator of getting this process done for your company, by working with your management team.  We find that it is most important for us to work with all of our clients to make sure they are considering all the possibilities that may affect both revenue and expenses.  If that plan is followed exactly, profit maximization may be ultimately achieved.  

Cash Flow Reports - The "life-blood" of any corporation is cash.  Short-term and long-term solvency is a major concern for any corporation.  Of course, understanding how much you have, how much you need, what to do with excess cash as well what you will do if your cash runs out is vital to any corporation. A key service CFO Professionals provides is assisting clients with the effective management of their cash.

Manage Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable - Every successful business collects revenue and pays bills. Doing this process effectively and efficiently in a manner that makes it easy to analyze your business will separate your company from the competition. Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable well is also the beginning of effective cash management.  Therefore, another vital service provided by CFO Professionals, is to make sure our clients are performing these tasks in an efficient and effective manner.  Our team of trained professionals will guide you through the process which ultimately achieves the effective cash management required to stay in business today. 

CFO Professionals is your outsourced, one stop shop for all of these financial concerns, ideas, and strategies. 


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