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Financial Management:

Blending traditional, alternative and independent investment strategies, LDV Capital Management was created with the intention to offer investment planning and portfolio management services to wealthy individuals, their businesses and philanthropic organizations.  Institutions, such a private and public corporations, insurance companies, pension funds, trusts, and family offices are also be potential client candidates for LDV Capital Management.

Client Portfolio Construction:

LDV Capital Management was founded to implement and achieve an appropriate asset allocation strategy based on investment goals and objectives derived from balancing many factors, including a client's risk/return profile and cash flow requirements. Focusing on a sophisticated asset allocation process, LDV Capital Management intends to seek and deliver consistent after-tax, risk-adjusted investment results to our clients.

Under the appropriate market and economic conditions, LDV plans to construct portfolios utilizing a core/satellite approach. This approach allows LDV to tailor portfolios to client circumstances. LDV advocates investing in large, lasting and well-managed companies as the foundation or core of a portfolio. The correct strategy is to then add in combinations of other specialty asset classes satellite in an effort to maximize return and minimize portfolio risk.

Client Portfolio Construction can include and not be limited to creating pension funds and retirement plans for business entities and corporations.

Manager Selection Process:

With the latitude to select independent money managers who complement our strengths, LDV actively searches and accesses a significant number of managers in each asset class that could be a good complement to a potential portfolio.  LDV will ultimately select managers whom we judge to have the best ''portfolio fit'' and the highest probability of sustaining a potential significant performance for a potential client portfolio.  In appropriate situations, this may or may not include access to institutional-quality, alternative managers in specialty areas such as hedged equity, real estate and long/short strategies as a means to improve the risk and reward characteristics for a prospective client portfolio.  The intent of LDV is to construct highly diversified, prudent client portfolios.

Public Equity:

Using a specialized approach, the philosophy is that a disciplined investment process could lead to potential superior performance over time.  LDV’s strategies combine quantitative screening systems, along with fundamental and technical research.  With an emphasis on diversification, and with LDV’s prinicipal James DePelisi being an adjunct finance professor, LDV is capable and qualified (under appropriate market and economic conditions) to assemble a comprehensive group of equity-style strategies that seek to limit risk and enhance potential long-term returns, including Large Cap Value & Relative Value and Small Cap Growth.


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